DodgeBall League Rules

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COMPETITIVE Division: 2 x 15-minute matches


  1. Match = Your goal is to win as many “games” in every match


  1. Points = 1 point for every game won. The team with the most points at the end of the Match, is the Match winner


  1. Points Differential = the difference between games won & games lost


  1. Ties = NO ties, a final regular One-V-One ball game will be played to determine a match
  • Games formats are Coed 5 vs. 5. There can be one Time-Out if there is no live ball or if a team has all of the balls


  • Minimum requirements = 5 players on the court. Teams with only 1 female or male, A team consisting of all the same gender starts with a 1 game handicap
  • Shorthanded teams will start with a 1 game handicap for each match they don’t meet the required players limits. I.e. if any one of the following are true:
  1. Females on the court = 0


  1. Males on the court = 0


  1. Total players is less than 4


  • Only the 5 players can start the game. Each team can have 2 subs that can enter the start of new game.


  • Substitutions are allowed for injured players during each game, can be any gender as long as the minimums are
  • Each match will be 15 minutes (see league format) and must end on time. If the game starts late, it still has to end on time. Teams play as many games in the allotted


  • Match Wins: 1 x 15-minute match = up to 2 win per night. NO ties. If both teams have the same amount of games won, then 1 final game will be played to define a winner for the One-V-One
    1. 5 Second Warning: If player(s) are holding a ball & making no attempt to throw, the Ref will start a Second Countdown for that ball to be thrown. If not thrown they must relinquish possession to the opposing team. Bouncing a ball, putting it down or passing to another teammate does not reset this time. The goal is to keep the game moving. If there are balls on one side where the team is making no attempt to use them, the referee will begin the 5 second Warning. However, if they are setting them up to use them in succession then that is OK. If the ref starts the 5 second warning on two players at the same time, the balls will be placed in the middle. In the case of a 1 on 1 scenario where one player has more balls than the other, the player that had more balls will toss 1 additional ball into the middle. Teams will start play again at the back


    1. Players CAN be in possession of two balls at a time (maximum). Keep in mind that if you are holding two balls at a time and the 5 second warning is enforced, BOTH balls must be thrown in succession within the 5 seconds. Even if you drop one ball, it must still be thrown, otherwise you will lose possession of the ball and the ref will ask you to roll the ball in possession to the other


    1. Once you are eliminated, you must throw your hands in the air and make every effort to leave the

    court immediately. An ‘Out’ player who tries to block a ball while leaving the court will have the closest player on their team called ‘Out.’ Players who have been called out cannot retrieve stray balls for their teammates. They will sit out for the next game.


    1. Once a ball is released from a throw, it’s “LIVE”. If two opposing players throw at different times but hit one another, both players are considered out. (also see “continuation” below)
    2. Deflections: A ball that is thrown hitting another ball (in someone’s possession or not) or a player is STILL LIVE i.e. Deflections off of a teammate do count and both players will be

    If the deflected ball is caught by any in-bound player prior to the ball becoming dead, the thrower is out and the catching team can return a player. This includes hitting a blocking player after the ball is deflected off a ball used to block. Deflections can hit any part of the body including the face/head. The person being hit will be out, the ball will be dead AFTER hitting someone in the face/head, and the ref will stop play to ensure the player is OK.


    1. If a LIVE ball is caught, the thrower is OUT and the catching team can return a previously eliminated player to the court. The order of returning players will be based on the order each player was originally eliminated.
    2. If a ball hits another ball, releasing it from a player’s possession as a result of contact, the player who drops the ball is

    1. Touching the middle trampoline with “any body part is a foul, the player will be called out. Leaning over to retrieve a ball is
    2. A player returning to the play after a catch has 5 seconds of being “safe”. BUT if they get involved in the play (i.e. pick up a ball etc.) they are considered “in play”


    1. For safety reasons, players are not allowed to stand/bounce on the same trampoline. Any players continuing to abuse this rule could be called “out” if they have already been warned by the Ref. You ARE allowed to stand on the flat
    2. Players are not allowed to stand on the 45 degree angled pads attached to the walls of the courts ). You ARE allowed to run across, but not continuously stand on them. Trampoline walls are OK!


    1. Sky Trampoline Park Dodgeball is a social league with competitive play. The rules are enforced primarily by the “honor system”. Players will be expected to rule whether or not a hit was legal or whether they were legally eliminated. The referees will rule on any situation that the teams can’t
    1. Live Ball – A ball that has been thrown and has NOT touched the floor/ground, the ceiling, the back wall, the official, a player’s face/head or other item outside of the playing field.


      Head Shots – When a player is hit in the face/head from a direct throw (i.e. no deflection). Once someone is hit in the head, the ball becomes a “dead” ball. Anything that happens after does not count, including if the person catches the ball that bounced off someone’s head.

      • Dodger – Person getting hit in the head:


      1. a) Is NEVER “out”: Even if the “dodger” is unaware of the ball that hit them or if they were aware of the ball and was trying to get out of the way or duck to avoid being hit


      • Thrower – Person who threw the ball that hit someone in the head:


      1. Is “out” if: The “dodger” was not being defensive and was unaware that a ball was going to hit them in the face/head
      2. Is NOT “out” if: The “dodger” is actively evading the ball and aware a ball was coming towards their face/head

      Continuation – If a ball is released and the thrower is hit and called “out” the original thrown ball is live (i.e. can still eliminate other players). If that ball is caught, then there will be no exchange of players if the thrower was eliminated by another ball before their ball was caught.


      Air Suicides – When a player jumps in the air before the neutral zone trampoline to throw a ball and lands on the neutral zone trampoline. The player will be called out immediately and any balls they threw will not be counted.

    1. The match will go through different variations of objective games as well as regular Dodgeball games. Wins, Losses and Win Differential will count towards standings.

      I.e. Team 1 wins 11 games and loses 3 games. They will have a final 1 Match Win and +8 on the standings


      Regular Trampoline Dodgeball (6 Balls total)


      Game will start with 3 balls of the same color on left side of middle green trampoline pad and 3 balls of the same color on right side of middle green trampoline pad.  Each team will be assigned a certain color and once the referee starts the match you can only go for those dodgeballs that are assigned to your team.  Once the balls are retrieved then all the balls are in play.  Once you have a dodgeball at the start of a match you must go back to the starting point of the purple trampoline pads.  Players that throw dodgeball before going back to the purple pad first will be ruled out.